A collection of those neat pictures and infographics that people circulate on Facebook.

1. Said is Dead

Replace the word 'said' with one of these ideas:


2. Other Ways to Say

Replace words like

  • nice

  • laughed

  • ran

  • pretty

with these beauties:


3. 200 Ways to Say Went

No explanation needed!


4. How Good is ‘Good’?

English native speakers were asked to rate the following words from 1-10, so we can see how they really feel in the real world. 



5. I’m Chuffed!

These are some phrases a French woman living in London taped to her desk. They’re very informal but funny and useful. A quick way to sound like a native!


6. Left Bad, Right Good

It's just a graphic that shows some simplistic, First Certificate sort of vocabulary (on the left), next to some sexy, shiny ADVANCED language (on the right).

Why not PORE OVER (proficiency phrasal verb oh my god) the list and learn a few of the words on the right?