Here's a typical scene from my classroom:

Bad Student - "I don't have to work tomorrow so I will learn all day."

Tall, Handsome Teacher - "You mean study all day."

Bad Student - "Huh?"

Study or Learn : The Difference Explained

Studying means trying to learn something. You can only say you've learned something when there's something new in your brain.

Have you ever stared at a page in a book for ten minutes? That's called studying. Maybe something happened in your brain or maybe it didn’t.

The moment when it all clicks into place and you understand - that's called learning.

The moment where you understand something (i.e. learn something) is often called a lightbulb moment.

light bulb moment

So if you've learned anything from this post, here's the same situation again:

Good student: "I don't have to work tomorrow so I'm going to study all day!"

Tall, Handsome Teacher: "Make sure you take regular breaks."

Good student: "I will!"

Both: Laughing and smiling.

fake laughter