Are you rich? Do you want to stay next door to me and get private lessons?

I live in a huge farm house in East Switzerland (Thurgau) with my Swiss girlfriend Jen.


It includes a nice, large flat that we rent on Airbnb. (It’s on the right, and currently includes the blue balcony. The wooden pole shows where we are going to demolish the ugly 1990s facade and rebuild it more in character with the traditions of the area.)

Now YOU can rent that flat and hire me for English lessons. For an intensive long weekend, or a week-long exam preparation session. (And depending on when you come, it might be possible to get some horse riding lessons too, from Jen, a moderately famous riding teacher.)

About You

You should be keen to learn. (If your parents want you to go somewhere to study English but you aren’t motivated, go to London and hang out in cafes all day.)

You should have watched some videos on my Youtube channel so you know what to expect from me.

Maybe there are 2 or 3 of you and you come together. Great! You can save money that way.

About Me

I’m from Manchester, England, and have taught across the world, in Shanghai, Taiwan, Poland, Prague, and Switzerland. My lessons are fun.

I used to play football but now that I live in the countryside I just eat a lot, drink a lot, and get fat.

My hobbies include making fun of my girlfriend and spying on my neighbours.

The Offer

You stay in my fully-equipped flat. We have some formal English lessons. Do some exam training. Work on grammar and vocabulary and all the rest.

You feel prepared for your exam and have a little bit more confidence in your English.

The Flat

It’s a nice flat. It currently has a 5-star rating on AirBnB. The kitchen surprises everyone who comes - it’s really got everything!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 22.11.36.png

We are currently doing a huge renovation project that will make it even better. Triple-glazed windows, a bigger balcony space, and modern insulation.

It’s a 10-minute drive to Weinfelden or Frauenfeld. 20 minutes to Konstanz, 35 to Zurich. The local train station is Mullheim-Wigoltigen, with good connections to Zurich and Konstanz.

The Benefits

If you are like me, you’ll love it. It’s quiet and will be even quieter when we install the new windows. You can practice English for a few hours, and if you have a car you can drive around and see some really great towns and sights.

If you don’t have a car you can take a train, or stay home and read, binge TV shows (the Wifi is good and I have a stock of movies), or play Super Mario Kart on my SNES.

And obviously you have access to me, the greatest living English teacher, and my talented girlfriend (who talks like a native). We have two cats (one doesn’t technically belong to us) and two horses.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 22.12.51.png

Most days the views are soothing and the skies are glorious.

The Drawbacks

  • If you don’t have a car you’ll find yourself in the middle of nowhere. I won’t be with you 24 hours a day so you’ll have to spend some time alone.

  • It’s really the countryside so if you are unlucky with the timing you might find that the local farmers are putting manure all over the place and it will smell.

  • It’s normally quiet but sometimes there’s a bit of noise. Like 3 days a year. You might be really unlucky! (Most people can’t even hear it, but I can.)

  • I am an absolute MANIAC about noise. I don’t want to hear your music - from the flat or your car. If you enjoy playing loud music, go to Ibiza.

  • This isn’t a fully-equipped school. It’s my home and I have lots of books and computers and useful things but expect things to be more informal than in a real school.

The Lessons

We can do whatever you want. Tell me your weaknesses in advance and I’ll prepare accordingly. Or we can spend Day 1 doing general exam practice and on Day 2 we’ll work on your specific problems. I’m flexible.

The Price

This is Switzerland. It isn’t going to be cheap. I don’t expect more than a couple of people a year to come.

I don’t have a fixed price. You can negotiate. The flat is currently listed at 68 francs a night through Airbnb. If you’re on your own and book 10 lessons, then you can have lessons for 50 francs an hour. That’s half my usual rate.

Long story short, if you are interested, get in touch. Everything else can be discussed.

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I promise not to be noisy or to make friends with the neighbours that Andrew hates.