Hi everyone!

You know those stupid quizzes you get on Facebook? Things like 'Which Star Wars character are YOU???' And in the end you find out you are Han Solo - LIKE YOU ALREADY KNEW!

Well, I've made my own one. I posted it on the Exam TIps Facebook page and people seemed to like it, so I'll make some more.

The quiz is below, and you can just take it right away if you want. But I thought I would introduce the topic a little bit first.

Basically I just took some vocabulary from unit one of my favourite coursebook, Ready for Advanced, and made some sentences.


So, the topic is 'possibility'. Think of possibility as the percentage chance of something happening. In the following examples, these numbers are just approximate. Other native speakers would give you different ranges.

There's no chance of me meeting Angelina Jolie. (= Zero %)

There's a faint possibility that my favourite football team will win the league this year. (= 1%)

There's a slight chance of me meeting Heidi Klum. (= 5%)

There's every likelihood that my girlfriend will get mad if she reads this article. (= 40-80%)

There's a distinct possibility of this project running over budget. (= 50-90%)


One of the things you have to look out for is that some of these phrases need an article and some don't.

  • There's a good chance that...
  • There's no chance that...

All right, take the test!