Dear CAE candidate,

This week I was using an old CAE coursebook and remembered that Cambridge have removed an activity from the exam. I think I didn't mention it in the Reading section, but they took out the 'Gapped Sentence' activity. It looked like this:

CAE gapped sentences

You had to find one word that would fit into all three sentences (with no changes to the word). For example, you could use the word 'deep' in the first sentence but not in the other two. (Deep in negotiations means the negotiations have gone a long way and the people are heavily involved.)

I liked the activity, but when Cambridge merged Reading and Use of English they decided it was too similar to another part.

So if you see these questions in a text book, don't devise any exam strategies around them. Still do the activity, though - it's a good way to learn how words can be used in different ways!




p.s. The answer to the question above is 'engaged'