Dear Students,

This week on CAE Exam Tips we added more great content that will help you with the Certificate in Advanced English. First, we added a pretty decent guide to Reading Test part 3. Then we decided to start making videos, too, to cover the bits of grammar that we don't have space to talk about on the website.

Youtube is a great resource for free online training. Whether you want to improve your grammar or watch some speaking tests, you'll find videos there for free. In my opinion, not all the videos are the best quality, and many are outdated, so we're investing in some software that will let us put up some useful videos that look modern.

Of course, we aren't full-time professional video makers and some of the software has a steep learning curve - but we hope you find the videos useful and informative.

At least, they should help students taking the Certificate in Advanced English get the best grade possible, which our mission here at CAE Exam Tips!

Here's the first one, in case you missed it - it'll help you with the CAE Reading and Use of English test:

Kind regards,