Dear CAE students,

You probably worry about your English from time to time, but the truth is a lot of native speakers struggle with it too - they make more mistakes than you would believe! 50% of the Facebook posts I see have some really basic errors in spelling and punctuation. 

And I'm not the only one who notices - these mistakes drive a lot of people crazy. The popular website 'The Oatmeal' made a series of articles teaching native speakers things like how to use a comma and how to use a semicolon. The articles are crazy, weird, and funny. Take a look - you might learn something useful!

english grammar

Link - How to use a semicolon.

And when you've checked that out, take a listen to this video. It's based on the hit song 'Blurred Lines' but it's all about stupid grammar mistakes that native speakers make. The song is catchy, the video is well-produced, and it's clever and funny. How many of these mistakes do YOU make?

I hope you find those things funny and useful, and don't feel too bad next time you aren't sure how to use an apostrophe - most native speakers aren't sure either!