Dear World,

Yesterday I taught a couple of CAE classes. The first activity in the coursebook was the Long Turn - Speaking test part 2. One of the students had read the tips on this website - the others hadn't. Guess which student gave the best performance?

It was amazing. The student who followed the tips was great. He compared, he speculated... right from the start. 60 seconds of perfection! The other students needed three or four tries to get close to his level. Now they are much more motivated to check the site!

Mistake of the Week

The main grammar problem this week was the difference between present simple and present continuous. Students say, 'I am working for Google.' 'I am living in a nice flat.' See the mistake? These are permanent situations so they should say 'I live in a nice flat' and 'I work for Google'.

English Oddity of the Week

I often say things like, 'It was easier when I lived at home because I didn't have so many bills.' Students look at me like I'm crazy. You see, the phrase 'to live at home' means to live with your parents. Once you know that, the sentence makes sense.

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What's next on CAE Exam tips?

We just started planning the Reading test tips section and hope to start adding content soon! Bookmark the site and check back...