Dear CAE Candidate,

You're on this website because you're looking for help with the CAE exam. Well, coming here was a good decision. The site has only been live for a week but already three-quarters of the Speaking test tips are online! They could be the difference between a B grade and an A. Or the difference between a fail and a pass... 

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It takes a very long time to write a section, but we are working hard and hope to finish the Speaking test section soon. Then we'll move on to the Listening and Reading tests. We also have plans for a grammar section with some very cool graphs and explanations.

Did you listen to the audio recordings on the Speaking test pages? (They are in a black rectangle - click the play button.) They've been made by voice professionals from all over the world. One thing that will help you in the CAE Listening test is getting used to a range of accents. Try the recordings after you read this.

Enjoy the CAE Speaking test tips, and check back soon for more great updates. If you have comments, please feel free to leave them, and if you find this site useful, please pass it on to your friends.

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The CAE Exam Tips team