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Julie Petersen is a private English language tutor and a blogger, who features the latest career and educational trends in her articles. At present time she is running her educational blog and working on her first ebook dedicated to online learning. You may contact Julie on Linkedin.

English is not said to be the most difficult language in the world to learn. However it has a seemingly endless number of rules, and also every rule has exceptions. Some rules are so inconsistent that it seems pointless to learn them in the first place. Some words have multiple meanings, and some words have completely different meanings, but they are spelled exactly the same. 

Learning how to speak English is hard enough, but learning how to write in English, with proper grammar, structure and spelling is an entirely different thing. Writing in English can be a challenge for even native speakers. 

These websites will help you navigate the world of English writing. The list includes articles, classes, quizzes, as well as online tools to increase your vocabulary, learn proper grammar, and improve your overall English writing skills. Hopefully, this list will make you a more confident writer!

1. Purdue Online Writing Lab

This guide for ESL students provides information on parts of speech, structure, grammar, irregular verbs, prepositions, etc. You can click on any topic to learn all the rules that apply to that concept. Even native English speakers can learn a lot from Purdue. 

2. Online  Slang Dictionary

There is a lot of English slang. And native speakers often don’t even realize they are using it. Use the Online Slang Dictionary to learn the meaning of any slang word you hear or read. Just type it in and the Dictionary will quickly give you the meaning. Use this to improve your writing and build your vocabulary. 

3. Ninja Essays

Ninja Essays has a team of professional writers and tutors to provide you with a piece of advice and assist you with any writing task you have. Usually they prodive writing, editing and proofreading assistance so you should not worry that your writing won't be accurate. The website also has a helpful writing blog with writing and editing tips and fun infographics.  

4.  ESOL Courses

Take an assortment of fun quizzes and exercises to practice your writing skills. Courses vary from spelling and grammar to sentence structure and word choice. Course are broken down by level, from beginners to intermediate and advanced. Depending on your learning style, you can take quizzes containing mostly pictures or even quizzes that let you practice by learning songs. 

5. OneLook

Combining the powers of 1035 online dictionaries in one place, OneLook allows you to find the definition of any word in the English language. Use this tool as you read to increase your vocabulary. Or use it as you write to make sure you are using the best possible word for the sentence.

6. Hyper Grammar

The University of Ottawa’s Writing Centre developed Hyper Grammar to provide an extensive online grammar course for students. Individual lessons include “Parts of Speech,” “Punctuation,” “Building Phrases,” and “Diction.”

7.  Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

This website contains useful articles that explain common grammar mistakes, including issues with punctuation, parts of speech, and sentence structure. Learn more about the “why” so the “how” will make more sense. 

8. Help.Plagtracker

Once your writing is finalized, it’s important to make sure the writing is completely plagiarism free. PlagTracker will check your document for any instances of plagiarism, and re-write them to be 100% original.

9. Readability Score

Whether you’re writing about something complex or something very simple, your content must be readable and clear. Quality writing is easy to follow and leaves the reader wanting more. But even the most interesting topic can be spoiled with poor writing. Readability Score rates your writing on an A-F scale. With frequent use, Readability Score will make your writing stronger. 


Amp up for vocabulary, and increase the versatility in your writing with When you see a word or phrase that you are favoring a little too much, replace those words with more exciting options. Why say “happy,” when you can say, “blissful,” “exultant,” or “jovial,” instead? Not only is a practical way to improve your English writing, but it can also be a lot of fun! 

If you want to increase your English proficiency and improve your English writing skills, it will take a lot of time and effort. You’ll need to identify the areas of your writing that need the most help, and seek out tools and resources to help you in those specific areas, whether they’re grammar, spelling, or subject-verb agreement. 

Rest assured, that there are many online tools that can help you along the way. The above-mentioned tools and websites are a fantastic collection to get you started. Take some of the courses, use the tools, and read the articles mentioned to learn more about English rules. But don’t feel like you have to stop there! There are hundreds of sources online to help you improve your English writing. Seek out other online tools, or join a group to help you practice.. This is just the beginning. Have fun learning and improving your skills!

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